Arsha Vidya Vahini's activities that include online and offline programmes on Hindu Scriptures and Philosophy are made possible by the undeterred support of Students across the globe.
If Pujya Acharya's Grace has blessed your life, you believe in His teachings, and want to be a part of His vision, the following are channels through which you can contribute.
Your contributions help to preserve, propagate and promote the Vedanta teachings thus touching lives as yours has been touched.

Upanishad Adhyayanam

swAdhyAya pravachanAByaam na pramaditavyam

Ekadasi Ramayana Adhyayanam

rAmO vigrahavAn dharmaha

Navaratri Vedasukta Adhyayanam

swAdhyAyO adhyetavyaha

Jnana Yagnam

SrEyAn dravyamayAt yajnAt jnAnayajna parantapa

Guru Dakshina

Sraddhaya dEyam